Zainab Al-Nouri

Senior Developer

Web Application Developer

Zainab Al-Nouri is a Web Application Developer at Transmission Media Inc. She is a Microsoft Certified Professional with over 10 years of experience in IT, software development and software design. She participated in building many successful enterprise applications in a variety of business fields. She enjoys exploring new technologies with a continuous passion for learning.

Jorge Chua

Senior Database Developer

SQL Server Professional

Jorge Chua is Sr. Database programmer at Transmission Media. Over the past ten years, he has worked in database systems with a variety of technology-related roles and organizations. Contact Jorge Chua:

Peter Diplaros

Director of Technology

DB Expert

Peter Diplaros is Director of Technology, Transmission Media. He is a fifteen year veteran of the Canadian financial services industry in a variety of technology-related roles including Senior Developer of The Fund Library website. Contact Peter Diplaros:

Levi Folk

President & CEO

Economist and Entrepeneur

Levi Folk is President & CEO of Transmission Media Inc. Levi is formerly Investing Writer at National Post newspaper and a well-known commentator on financial markets. He has appeared regularly on Business News Network, CBC national radio and Newsworld Business News. His views have been featured in the Financial Times of London and numerous other financial publications. Levi resides in Toronto, Canada. He is a fifteen year veteran of the Canadian financial industry and an MA in Economics from the University of Toronto. Contact Levi Folk: 416.567.8967 or

Chris Kirby

Senior Network Admin

Network Administrator

Chris Kirby is a seasoned IT veteran with 20+ years of experience in building and supporting mission critical Linux, UNIX and Windows based server environments. Chris holds several industry professional certifications and has worked in team lead positions to provide core infrastructure support for some of the largest financial and telecommunication in Canada and the USA. His primary responsibility at Transmission Media is to manage the data center operations, hardware, network, and storage systems used to provide back-end infrastructure support for its customer facing products.

Caroline Liu

Front End Developer

Keen Eye and Quick Study

Caroline is a recent graduate of the University of Toronto Psychology Linguistics program, with a minor in Computer Science. Caroline is a highly-skilled front end developer and has a great eye for detail and colour. Contact Caroline:

Hamid Nafar

Lead Developer

Web and Software Expert

Eric Suarez

Senior Database Developer

SQL Server Pro

Michael Hall

.NET Developer

Designer & Developer

Michael Hall is a specialist in .NET Development having graduated with a Master of Science, Computer Science from the University of Alberta and worked in a variety or roles as application developer before joining Transmission Media in 2015. Michael is dedicated to building cutting edge applications with a major role in server side development.

Janice Cao

Business/Quality Assurance Analyst

QA Expert

Janice Cao is Quality Assurance Analyst at Transmission Media Inc. She joined the company since she graduated with a Major in Actuarial Science and Statistical Science, minor in Mathematics from University of Toronto in 2016.

Richard Webb

Director of European Operations

Head of Business Development in Europe

Richard Webb is Transmission Media's Director European Operations based in the UK. His responsibilities cover business development in Europe. He has worked in the financial industry as a financial writer and magazine publisher since 1994 in Canada. He studied economics at Oxford University and McGill University, Montreal. He also holds a degree in medicine from the University of London.

Client Services Manager

Ali Nasir

Ali Nasir joined Transmission Media in 2016 and has worked closely with clients and Transmission Media's team of developers with a focus on client satisfaction. No job is too small for Ali who is dedicated to achieving successful outcomes day in and day out. In his spare time Ali is Pursuing an MBA/CPA at Wilfred Laurier University

Head of Global Sales

Jim Vandekas

Jim is a more than 10 year veteran of the financial service industry having joined Transmission Media in 2016. He worked in the role of Sales and Business Development for a major financial service provider prior to joining Transmission Media and was responsible for leading market entry initiatives for Latin America, most recently. Jim brings a passion to his role that extends well beyond traditional sales.

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