Corporate History

2002: Tranmission Media purchases The Fund Library Website and maintains and develops a site dedicated to mutual fund data for Canadian investors and advisors

2007: Transmission Media sells The Fund Library website and develops STAX® software for document automation to service the mutual fund and insurance industry with customized fund fact sheet automation.

2008: Transmission Media develops its first end-to-end solution for a leading mutual fund company including data-driven web pages, mobile application, fund fact sheets in print and web formats, email alerts and more. 

2010: Transmission Media develops an end-to-end solution for automation of Point of Sale Documents (Fund Facts) for the Canadian Mutual Fund Industry and establishes itself as a leading service provider.

2010: Transmission Media develops an automated solution for Key Investor Documents (KID), regulatory reporting documents for Europe.

2011: Transmission Media develops LiveDoc, a software application, for its clients to automate the production of fund fact sheets.

2012: Transmission Media develops automated fund fact sheet solutions for numerous global mutual fund companies.

2013: Transmission Media is the leading service provider for implementing Summary Documents, regulatory fact sheets, for the ETF Industry in Canada.

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